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October 22, 2005
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an interrupted dinner by b33lz3bub an interrupted dinner by b33lz3bub
sometimes i wish i could just.. eat everyone. you know? like.. really just tear their flesh apart and laugh because im enjoying it so much, and not give any form of a damn as to what anyone else might think, because hey. they're next. and then their fucking kids. and that goddamned dog. haha. yeah. good ole' carnage. *sighs*


dedicated to anyone who dreams the same dream
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I love the colouring on this one! It's... delicious - for lack of a better word. It really helps bring out the detail in the main figure's face.

Freaky piece, it was just the other night that I was kept awake fearing zombies lurking in my room around my bed... -I know; how old am? So weird!
b33lz3bub Apr 10, 2006  Professional General Artist
aw :hug: and thanks on the lovely comment man :) glad you enjoy it
I like your description of the piece. That really makes it that much scarier.
b33lz3bub Dec 3, 2005  Professional General Artist
thank you :)
damn, the colours are so freaking sweet in this. mix of cools and warms is really awesome.
loving the scratchy lines too :P
I just got myself a new wallpaper.
Love the coloring.
b33lz3bub Nov 6, 2005  Professional General Artist
:aww: aw thanks man glad you dig it
this is sooo awsome! everything you have done to put this together works sooo well!!!
the colouring!!! oh my the colouring!!!!
eek this is amazing...
i adore this...the look on their faces is just perfect...
ive had that dream also...
mmm id just like to have the world end in 5 minutes :) or like the zombie movies where everyone goes away and you can break into stores kill zombies and eat anything you want :D

love this
:heart: luv you!!
b33lz3bub Nov 3, 2005  Professional General Artist
:aww: aw thanks tegan :D glad you like it so much

"and you can break into stores kill zombies and eat anything you want"

ohhh i know what you mean. i always fantasize about mass obliteration and destruction holocausts when im walking around the city and animate in my head everyones heads blowing up as they walk past me, it's so much fun :giggle:

I love the blues as shading. And the orange goes well together. And that, if looks could kill....

I think the wrist needs to be tucked under the hand a little bit more, it looks a bit disjointed to me. But apart from that. I love. The guy to the side with the teeth looks manic, in a good way! He's all like, 'mmm, flesh.'
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