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flying through all these fleeting sensations and feelings once more. it's like a weird rebirth. all started when i delved right back into the core. must've bin months ago. maybe the start o' 15. maybe a day before. anyway, now it won't stop. they won't stop coming. and the rush is so intense, the flavour so specific, the gut wrenching pangs so succinct that i'm become numb to everything but the few things that can actually outweigh those sensations in terms of emotional impact. the few. the absolute fewest. 

grey. i've lived and i'm happy for it and i plan on continuing in doing so. the goal, however, if there ever was one, has flattened. it exists. it exists in so much as i wish to live. it truly is and has to be the baseline, the 'enough'. there is more. it isn't the only thing that keeps me going. there is her. there are the three. but pretending that much else would be reason would only be tasting a lie. 

there's a series of smiles within me working around the clock to erase this persistent feeling. they are shit at their jobs. i don't even have fists for these hungry grins - i keep wanting to let it out. i keep wanting it! it's not like it's not there! the death EXISTS. I feel it inside my very fucking lungs every second! and i ACHE. it is so specific, and the thing is, the creature won't even respond. i keep calling out. i keep testing other sensors. i send a ping. i request. i send out my feelers, hoping for a response, a reaction, something to suggest that my presence means anything. i don't get it. and if it was there, it wasn't there in a way to suggest i was meant to pick it up at all. i am a floating nothing and my own personal dreams and goals are not considered or remembered or recalled by any other than myself. it is that isolation, that loneliness, that drives this engine. i'll throw my will and my understanding and my empathy into the few. i rarely hear an echo. am i that far gone? 

the noise in the woods when the tree was cut down, was indeed heard by the silence. for the wood had ears. but noone listened to her voice. they never chose to. the mills simply appeared one day. the flesh cut. the heart ground. the grass salted. everyone makes me. so. very. disappointed. i..  

i wake up. there is an air. the engine keeps me going. i complete my tasks. feed the engine. i work to sustain someone elses dead dream. money keeps me the engine under a roof. no true, real resonance is found any more in the breaths between days, save for the moments i converse with her. everything else is noise. repetition. an echo. a death. just words i'll forget anyway. slumbering on, the world turns and the days wax on and i start to fall in love with the black under my eyes. i romance the shadows in the shower. i start conversations with the towel. i scream at the soap as i jaunt through the waves in the bath, sloshing the alcohol out of the bottle i so feverishly clasp. red and deaf to the end, the engine jitters and jolts and aggressively jumbles back over to the core. we rest. 

i will survive this. it will end. everything always does. eyes are forward. they never weren't. my goals are my own. my goals arent and never were the concern of anyone else. and this. this is why i am alone. 
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10 years. fuck.

well it seems like over the course of my self-imposed exile the site started to wise up to the concept of phallic imagery being just as appropriate a medium through which one could express something as a set of spread, wet lips is. so that's good.

I may just attempt to return and start posting here again and being a part of things.

Expect a surge of work.

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Because I like food, and if you want cheap scribbles to paste onto your walls and have money you're not spending... i'll happily take it off you.

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so i heard from some guy that a staff member here is getting a pay cut cos he looks like a terrorist.
true story.…

i remember when angelo was just a stupid fucking ninja.
i feel really sorry for anyone who thinks this place is fucking amazing.
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don't devwatch me. it really is a waste of finger energy. my gallery is here to be a gallery and it updates ever so rarely.

i mean. you CAN. and maybe sometimes when i'm really bored and depressed or drunk i might happen to feel compelled to suddenly put some of my horseshit and trash up on here.

but if you actually give a shit about keeping somewhat more up to date with my ever so random, delusional foraying into and back out from the world of 'art', or.. 'illustrated expression', i guess... then.

here is my blog.
and here is my facebook:

if you're going to stick around on here, though.
please for the love of god, pretend you're human and don't suck up to people.
don't comment because you think people might reply.
and don't favorite something if you don't like it.
be yourself. be honest. stand up to people who think being a senior gives them the right to act like they're famous.
because it doesn't.
and don't post "constructive criticisms" on the hopes that some wanky mod will go 'hey.. that guy', and make you a mod.

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5th of July and i'll be living there.

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^Art that I can't really post here goes there
so if you like your art dirty. and you like telling people you're over 18. you know.

outside of all that.. if anyone reading this happens to know of any local(australian) contacts that will totally printscreen 'anything i want' onto clothes for cheap/reasonable prices..
i'd totally love you for letting me know.

out ~b:flame:
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my great friend and fantastic photographer, Red, has suddenly run into some considerably troubling money issues.

If you're up for supporting her in any way so that she doesn't have to sell her house, or are simply bored and you happen to enjoy purchasing shit online sometimes,
head over to… and check out her kickass portfolio.

There are even photos of me in there! Just think of me mounted against your wall. hot stuff eh? go check it out.

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so there's like. a few goddamn canvases from late last year. and.. one or two things from this year. that i can't really scan. and that i can't take fantastic photos of.
one o' the boys in my studio down here, though, when he's back from.. wherever the christ he went. should be able to snap some smexy shots for me.

at which point i'll chuck e'm up for you.

If you're not watching my scraps (and why would you really.) i found an old moleskin lying around from '09 that i'd torn to shreds and sketched in some. so that shit's all up in that. :shrug:

aand.. again. the photos aren't good enough for chucking onto an art site or anything. but. if you're a blog-rapist. head over to fleshdump.blogspot <-- updates from my whiskey-induced studio visit last night. paintings and such.



can anyone please for the love of christ explain to me what in the FUCK the deal is with the llamas and the points and the badges and the horseshit?
how do you find these points? what do they do? why do you want them? how can i get more? do they give me food? can i eat from this site now? is this happening?
WHO. WHAT. WHENCE.  :couch:
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work out.

make sure adam calls his doc.

organise a new psychologist.

sort out centrelink horseshit.

figure out where i'm at on getting a business name registered for my clothing label.

start seriously window shopping for a cyntiq.

hit up Last Chance Studio

call Tristan

art / whiskey / dinner

more art and whiskey.

okay. I think i will knock out some Jake and Finn fanart and i'll go pass out.
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i hate being the nice guy.

i missed venting on here. so pointless, yet so theraputic.
happy mothers day.

  • Listening to: my friends advice
  • Reading: into everything.
  • Watching: every memory laugh at me
  • Playing: the mike loses again game
  • Eating: sometimes
  • Drinking: and then drinking some more.
tomorrow i pick up anything i left at her place.
anyone in perth want to drink a lot afterwards? punch eachother up a bit?

i don't know.
fuck it.
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~ the colored version of mickeys big hookah

~ the original 3 pages for my short comic, featured in the Gestalt Publishing produced graphic novel: Flinch.

all motivation is dead, but that seems to be the only time the creativity churns back up. i should drink more.
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other than a few awesome skype calls mine was pretty fucking weak, how have your weekends been?

any perth locals bored this week? i should drink more.
and can anyone do me up some sweet as chicken journal code? i dont feel half as cool as any of you fuckers.

also this podcast is blowing my goddamn mind, get on it if you like 2 hour tracks that are sometimes amazing.
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so maybe i'll kind of possibly come back. i dont know. i need to distract myself. this place is pretty good for that.

where my gaymos at?
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michael katchan <- my facebook.

or this journal.

wherever you want to go to tell me. i want you to let me know if you dig the idea of t-shirts by me.

these would be new designs based on what im currently doing. fleshdump is a good place to look at, or even <- both are more up to date than this gallery.

i also regularly post art updates to my facebook now.

anyway. im talking with some dudes. im gonna do shirts. i really really really would like to hear some thoughts or some incentive. just thought id let you guys know because i did always appreciate the support i used to get here. thanks guys.

- mike
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I'm not posting here.

but. As with my block during 2008, I am in need of reprieve.

This requires me to reach out to the people who live in perth who might still be checking this for whatever reason.
I want to draw you nude.

I am not a fan of live sessions, they are empty and i do not get along well with other local artists.
I need my own model, in a comfortable situation, where i can position them how i wish, and for what i need.

so if you happen to live in this shit town, and are interested, send me images of yourself so i can see if you're what im looking for
-  <----

And for those who don't know.

I still randomly post to my blog -
and once i get the ftp bullshit sorted. ill be posting again back at

please attempt to resist whatever it is they're all trying to impress up on you...
i'm so sick of seeing so many talented people held back by ideals and fear.

anyway. bodies. you. me. email. etc. bye.
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[im sorry. i dont care how it sounds. i'll be continuing to post unfiltered, unchecked work over at - bye.]

:bulletblue::bulletgreen: :bulletgreen::bulletblue:

^above us there is the email that i use for my paypal.


:bulletblue: $5
i'll smear a body part of your choosing over a piece of paper, and then sketch/doodle on it, upload it, and dedicate it to you.

:bulletblue: $20
Commission  <-- illustrated until deemed finished, and signed. Uploaded and dedicated to you.

:bulletblue: $40
Commission <-- I will put an entire day into this. Multiple media used. Blood sweat and fucking tears. it will suck. Uploaded and dedicated to you.

mailed/physical given <-- these prices are on-top of the scan n post prices

:bulletblue: $40 - this only applies to the $5 sketches and $20 commissions
- The commissioned piece will be mailed to you.
- for an additional $5 i'll write you a love letter, expressing my deepest and dirtiest desires, which will be mailed alongside it.
- If you live in perth, I'll give it to you instead (the piece, that is)

:bulletblue: $60 - this only applies to the $40 commissions
- same as above yo

___so just to be clear incase you get mixed up, the $40 and $60 are prices that work in addition with the prior commission commission prices listed above them. ie: $60 + $40 = $100 :) ___

other shit

:bulletblue: $80 - this only applies to people in Perth, WA
- I'll have you over for lunch and dinner, will draw you (clothed/unclothed), and you may keep the finished product. we'll watch movies or play ps3 or touch eachother afterwards.
- if you don't like it, i'll burn it, piss on the ashes, and start again. we will repeat this until you're happy.
    -  if his happens more than 3 times, however, you might be expected to buy me a pen or two.
unfortunately i can't really offer this service to anyone not in Perth, however, if you pay for the airfare, we can change this.

:bulletblue: $150   <--- one off(limited stock)
- I'll do you up a commission, send it to you or give it to you, and compose a song to go along with it, using the image as a cover for it, as if it were to be released as a single. I will then figure out how to post this on youtube, and tell everyone about it. This musical masterpiece will be themed around you, although i won't say how so (where's the fun otherwise). If i become famous from this song, i'll make sure everyone knows you were the inspiration.

:bulletblue: $200  <--- one off(limited stock)
- as above, however i'll also throw this onto a disc, in a case, album art an all, make this shit real, sign it, rub my cock on it, and send/give it to you.

:bulletblue: $800  <--- one off --- unless this actually ends up being totally an awesome idea
- I'll do you a tattoo commission, send you/give you the original, AND i'll get that tattoo tattooed onto myself as well!!!

:bulletblue: $6,000  <--- one off(limited stock)
- i'll spend a month living with you as your personal cabana boy and sketch artist.

:bulletblue: get me drunk
- i'll improvise

my aim is to make at LEAST $150 a week. If i can manage that, i've covered rent, with around $30 odd dollars left for small meals. that would make me smile.

i'm serious about this shit too. if you do send in a donation for something from that list up there, please do let me know, so that when I see it, i can get right onto it for you.
  - or
If you just, for some reason, happen to decide to send in a donation, without really wanting anything from that list, let me know anyway so i can find a way to contact you and pour love and affection down your throat until you get scared and hang up. i'd feel bad otherwise.

Thank you for bothering to read any of this, and for possibly considering it. <3

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bleh why couldnt i be peter pan.
figured it was about time to update this thing
- also decided to lose the css. wasn't doing anything for me.

:bulletblue: i'm on twitter now? -> b33lz3bub

:bulletblue: drawing more ladies now and shall continue to, it's good goddamned practice, and it seems that breaking into random media whilest doing so also pushes me further. i'm really enjoying it, expect more. hopefully this will convince me that i should also start attempting landscapes / interiors / areas

:bulletblue: this coming week, to any perthies out there, my mates Josh, Tahlia and I will be moving in together, over in Kardinya. This place seems to be fucking close to 'everyone' i know so far. at least in perth. we're all gamers and she only just got her copy of brawl (what the fuck, i know). So uh....... we expect to become a sort of gaming hub, with our 2 ps3s, playstation 2, i think we might have 2 or 3 Wiis between us? not sure. anyway. rockband/brawl/starcraft/unreal tournament, motherfucker if you wanna come game hit me up.

Also if you live in perth and know of any part time retail jobs that might tickle my fancy, or would like to hire me for delight, please let me know, as i will be needing to chip in for rent. ahaha.

:bulletblue: i think my ear infection is slowly slipping away, but my ear is still ridiculously itchy, and it still feels like there is a water demon residing within its darkest caverns, who thoroughly enjoys blocking and unblocking the entrance.

Any bands out there who need work? people who want drawings for money? huh?

also i'm now playing a Sorcerer in a D&D group, which is so fucking awesome, cannot even express the wicked. fuck off d&d rules. His name is Azazel and he (i am still trying to figure out how this even works) has 'undead' in his bloodline, making him one arrogant, semi-undead, motherfucker. cunt casts spells yo.

i think that's about it.


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  • Eating: small amounts of food